The different status and status types which is applied to a package when picking up shipments from customer location and delivering it to client warehouse.

Status Type Status Description
PP Open When pick up request is created in our system.
PP Scheduled When picks up request is scheduled for a time to pick up in our system. Currently, in our system, all pickup request automatically moves from open to scheduled. We are keeping open and scheduled as separate statuses as we are integrating with parcelled, where these 2 statuses are helping us in better visibility.
PP Dispatched When FE is Out in field to collect this package from the end customer.
PU In Transit When pick up shipment is in transit to RPC from DC after physical pick up.
PU Pending When pickup shipment has reached RPC but not yet dispatched for delivery to the client.
PU Dispatched When pickup shipment is dispatched for delivery to the client from RPC .
DL DTO When pickup shipment is accepted by client and POD is received.
CN Canceled When a Reverse Pickup shipment is canceled before getting picked up from customer
CN Closed When a Reverse Pickup shipment is canceled and Request is Closed
Reverse Pickup Flow

Replacement /Buyback

Replacement is a service where customer raise replacement request of the product to the client and client create a replacement order by order creation API. We pick the first shipment from the client location and deliver it to the end customer and at the same time pick the second shipment from the customer ad deliver back to the client location. The life cycle of the shipment includes both forward and reverse flow.