Best practices for developer support

1. Understand the REST URL call whether one is GET or POST
2. In every POST URL, authorization key needs to be passed which is (Token api-key-token) i.e., if API token is 787yguhbhb7755667 then authorization key will be “Token 787yguhbhb7755667”
3. Complete testing should be done before moving into production
4. All production REST URLs are similar to staging URL except base URL will be changed from to httts://
5. For all operational queries,drop mail to [email protected]
6. For all technical queries, drop mail to [email protected]

Best practices for embedded swagger

1. Firstly test URL is embedded for testing.
2. All the possible error scenarios are covered along with the response codes corresponding to it and solution to rectify those
3. All the relevant keys which are mandatory to pass are highlighted with Required keyword.
4. Once all the fields are entered, click on Try it button to check the response.

Authentication section

Authentication Token is to be Provided By Onboarding Team ([email protected]), They will provide a Static Token for each client, and for each environment (Test and Production) Token will be Different.