The different status and status types which is applied to a package when the shipment flows from client warehouse to end customer i.e. A Forward Flow

Picking up products from client warehouses and delivering them to end customer or back to the origin.
Status Type Status Description
UD Manifested When forward shipment’s soft data is API pushed/manually uploaded to HQ from client’s system
UD Not Picked When Shipment is not physically Picked up from Client's Warehouse
UD In­ Transit When a forward consignment is in transit to its DC after physical pick up
UD Pending When a forward shipment has reached DC but not yet dispatched for delivery
UD Dispatched When a forward shipment is dispatched for delivery to end customer
DL Delivered When a forward shipment is accepted by the end customer
In the forward shipment, when the shipment is either cancelled by the client/seller in the journey
Status Type Status Description
RT In­ Transit When forward shipment is converted in to Return shipment after unsucessfull delivery/client's Instruction/adhoc requests or conditions’s system
RT Pending When a shipment has reached DC nearest to Origin center.
RT Dispatched When a shipment has reached DC nearest to Origin center and dispatched for delivery
DL RTO When a forward shipment is returned to Origin
Forward Flow

Please Note:-> This is a happy flow diagram, Kindly do not hardcode the flow or steps or stages on the shipment.