Waybill is the unique number which is assigned to every shipment that moves in delhivery network. Bulk waybill API generates the waybill list in advance which can be stored and used in order creation API, Any number of waybill can be downloaded from this API by specifying a count. .

Below are limitations for Bulk Waybill Api:
  1. In one request, we can fetch maximum of 10000 way bills.
  2. In 5 min, we can fetch maximum of 50000 way bills. If we cross the limit, your IP will be throttled for next 1 minute.


Please note the list fetched from the API will be different from the files shared at the time of sign-up / onboarding. While creating the order if you do not want to assign any waybill to the order, our order creation API will assign the waybill dynamically to the order in the response. Note: Theis dynamic assignment is only possible in case of regular B2C order, not for multi piece shipments.

Test Environment URL

https://staging-express.delhivery.com/waybill/api/bulk/json/?cl=client_name&token=API License key&count=count

Production Environment URL

https://track.delhivery.com/waybill/api/bulk/json/?cl=client_name&token=API License key&count=count