Invoice API facilitates calculation of the shipping charges for the shipments. This is to be noted that it roughly calculates the charges and give approximated values only.

The parameters which can be used for calculating the invoice details in the table below the table enlists all the keys, mandatory keys mentioned as M and Optional with O have also been highlighted

ParamsMandatoryValue TypeConstraintsDescription
mdMStringE/SBilling Mode of shipment
cgmMIntegerDefaults to 0Chargeable weight of the shipment (Only in Grams Unit)
o_pinMInteger6 Digit Valid Pin codePin code of origin city
d_pinMInteger6 Digit Valid Pin codePin code of destination city
ssMStringDelivered,RTO,DTOStatus of shipment

*** The invoice shipping api has limit of 40 requests per minute. Once the number of requests crosses the limit, your IP will be throttled for next 1 minute.


Total_amount value (in response) should be considered as an approximately value which will be charged by delhivery. It is equal to gross_amount addition to the tax values, actually amount charged by delhivery can be different from what is calculated by this API.

Use the production URL having "" as the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to get the updated Shipping rates.