Any package travels to end customer with the involvement of client and delhivery.For Delhivery,Express service is a term used to describe the movement of goods from a transportation hub to a final destination in the home and from consignee's address to client warehouse location.

As soon an order gets placed by customer or end client,softdata receives at business end of client(in website/or any other interface by which customer creates order), which needs to be pushed to delhivery system to create the same order for us.

To successfully place genuine order,it is mandate to identify first that the pincode is servicable by us or not, only then order should get created at our delhivery system which is identified by waybill which is a unique number that is assigned to every order.

Later stage involves the generation of packing slip that should hold bar code for us to scan the shipment, and informing delhivery for the pickup of the shipment

Once shipment starts its journey,it can be tracked with the different scans and status at different stages.This is basically a simple forward flow where the shipment travels from client warehouse to end customer.


Different Status and Scans For Every Package Life Cycle

Delhivery provides combination of "Status Type​" and "status" for forward and reverse pickups. This will give more clarity to you and customer on the status of package in the entire lifecycle.

New Status Types in system:

Status TypeDescription
UD"Undelivered" For forward Shipments
DL"Delivered" End status of Forward Shipments
RT"Returned" For Returned Shipments
PP"Pickup Pending" For RVP Shipments
PU"Picked Up" RVP Shipments which are picked
CN"Canceled" RVP canceled Shipments

New Status for a package when it is in movement:

  • In Transit
  • Pending
  • Scheduled
  • Dispatched

New status for closed shipments:

  • Delivered
  • Cancelled
  • RTO - Return to Origin
  • DTO - Deliver to Origin
  • Collected