To get your integration starts, there are few must to have checkpoints that should be completed which are as follows

Pre - requisites 1

**Client Account Information** Please contact your BD/CS relation manager in Delhivery who is handling your account from bussiness side for this. They will provide you the client account name(also known as HQ name), user name,client id and API token(which is unique for each account to access the API URLs, it is 12-16 long in the string format)

Sample Format :

Business Terminology System Concepts
Client  Client Name (XXXXXX)
User Id (XXXXXX)
Pickup Warehouse location (XXXXXXXXXXX).
Gateway URL
Pincode URL

Pre - requisites 2

**Warehouses / Pickup Locations** Pickup location are required to be created from where pickup has to be done. It can be done by sending the information to [email protected] or can be created through our [Warehouse Management API](


API Token uniquely distinguishes registered client accounts for us. Please note that it should not be shared with others.
We are API Token in 2 stages, one is for test/sandbox environment, with which testing can be executed from the client end for integration.Once the Testing and UAT finishes successfully,second time production token gets shared with which production APIs can be accessed.