Package Order Creation API

Q.1 - What is API Token and How to get that?
Ans - API Token key is a static token key which we use to authenticate a client. This authentication key is unique for every client registered with us. Also if any client has multiple accounts then every account will be having a different token key.
The token key will be provided by the business SPOC who is handling client account from the Business Team.

Q.2- Getting error "Authentication credentials were not provided"?
Ans - API Token needs to be pass in the header section. Example - In the header section key name will be "Authorization" and the value will be "Token XXXXXX"
Here XXXX is the authentication API Token Key which will be provided by Bussiness SPOC.

Q.3- Getting error "shipment list contains no data" in Package Order Creation API?
Ans- In this API payload, check key "client".This should be having the same client name registered with us. You must have received this client name when our onboarding team shared the test/live credentials with you.
Also, Below mention five special characters that are not accepted by our payload. either you need to avoid them or use URL encoded payload.

  1. &
  2. \
  3. %
  4. #
  5. ;

Q.4- Getting error "format key missing in the post" in Package Order Creation API response?
Ans- "format=json&data=" (without quotes) is mandatory to pass in the request payload in order creation in our system.

Q.5- How to get PHP cURL for this API?
Ans- The standard request and response are in JSON format so you need to convert it at your end as
per your requirement. When you hit API through postman. You can take out any language code by clicking on the "code" button on the upper left section.

Q.6- How to get a waybill in Package Order Creation API?
Ans- There are 2 ways from waybill creation.
1. while calling this API, leave the "waybill" field blank and hit the API, you will get the waybill in the response of this API dynamically generated by us.

     2. Another way is to fetch the waybill in advance and store those waybills in your system and then while calling this API you can start passing that one by one. You can use "Single Waybill Fetch API" to fetch single waybill and "Bulk Waybill Fetch" API to fetch multiple AWB's.

Q.7- Will the API endpoint and token remain the same for package creation API for the live environment?
Ans- No, for the live environment, you just need to replace "staging-express" with "track" for all API's endpoints and the live token will be different from the Test environment, which will be again shared by BD-Bussiness Development SPOC assigned to your account

Q.8- Why this error comes - "ClientWarehouse matching query doesn't exist"?
Ans- This error comes only when you are passing an incorrect warehouse name under key "pickup_location"->"name".
You need to pass the same warehouse name which is created in our system. For warehouse creation, you can use warehouse creation API and can give a name as per your choice and use the same name for this API then there won't be an issue.
If you don't know, what all warehouses there are created in the Delhivery system for your account, you can reach out to your business SPOC who is handling your account.

Q.9- when I hit this API I get this error in response "Unable to consume waybill XXXX"?
Ans- This issue only occurs if there is a mismatch in the allocated waybill series or the waybill is already consumed, so please validate the waybill before passing in manifestation Payload.
Every account has a different waybill series so ensure you are using the correct waybill series according to your account.

Q.10 If there is an issue of "Duplicate Order Id"?
Ans- The root cause of this issue is pushing the same order Id again which is already consumed in the manifestation data. So please do not send the same order id again in the Manifestation Soft Data.

Q.11 What is the "QC" field in Order creation API and why this is required?
Ans- "QC" is required in reverse pickup order if the client wants the Delhivery person to verify the product at the time of pickup from the customer. In the case of Prepaid/cod order, "qc" is not required.

Q.12 API giving me the error "Crashing while saving package due to exception 'Dear Customer please recharge your wallet as your current wallet balance is 0.0, less than the minimum balance of 500.0 required to manifest a package'. The package might have been partially saved." What should I do.?
Ans- If your account with Delhivery is prepaid then you need to recharge your wallet with a minimum of 500 INR to create an order. you can recharge your wallet from CL panel. If case of any issue while doing this, please reach out to your Delhivery account Manager.

Q.13 Why this error comes - " Error message is 'unicode' object has no attribute 'get' . Quote this error message while reporting."?
Ans- you need to pass shipment as a list, In the Manifestation API's Payload

Warehouse Creation API

Q.1 Is warehouse creation API mandatory to use?
Ans- If you don't want to use this then reach out to your Delhivery business SPOC and your POC will get a warehouse created manually on your behalf through our internal team.

Q.2 If there is an issue of "Client warehouse mismatch query" what needs to be done?
Ans: please check and validate the correct warehouse name and register the warehouse once before using the warehouse name in manifestation.

Q.3 What happens in case the pickup location pin is not serviceable
Ans- Warehouse creation will get failed automatically

Pickup Request Creation API

Q.1 Is pickup request API mandatory to use?
Ans- Pickup Request is mandatory as we should be informed when we have to do a pickup. You can create a pickup request by using Pickup Request Creation API OR can drop an email to your Bussiness SPOC handling your account so he will get the pickup request created manually.
If you have scheduled pickup daily then you can ask your SPOC to schedule an automatic pickup request for a daily basis.

Q.2 Is pickup request API required for reverse pickup shipment?
Ans- No, Reverse shipment will be scheduled automatically so there is no requirement to create pickup requests for those.

Q.3 - What is "pickup_location" in this API payload?
Ans- here "name" is the exact warehouse name which you had created by using our warehouse creation API OR which you get created manually through your business SPOC

Q.4 - How can we identify whether the pickup request is completed/processed?
Ans - Pickup request is completed when an FE comes to the pickup location and picks up the shipments. The FE will mark the pickup request as complete on his device.

Q.5 - Are there any available time slots provided from Delhivery for Pickup Request Creation API?
Ans - Pickup requests should be made accordingly only in the working hours. Each pickup request has a time slot (start and end time) between which the pickup will be completed by FE.

Package Slip Creation API

Q.1 - Is it mandatory to use the Delhivery package slip API?
Ans- No. It's not. you can create your own package slip. Just validate this from Delhivery to make sure that all required information is available on your packing slip. This API response will be in JSON so you can customize and can embed the same in HTML at your side

Q.2 - Do we need to create a packing slip for return items?
Ans- No

Q.3 - Does this API gives the PDF of the packing slip?
Ans- No. this gives JSON response only and you need further convert JSON response to PDF

Order Tracking API

Q.1- How can we track our order?
Ans: you can use order tracking API to track your order. This will be a pull request.

Q.2- Can multiple AWB be tracked in a single API request?
Ans- Yes, up to 30 AWB's can be tracked in a single API request.

Q.3- Is there any other way of getting the tracking information?
Ans- Yes, you can use our scan push API feature, where you need to provide your API endpoint and we will push each and every scan details on your provided endpoint.

Generic FAQ's

Q.1- Does the authorization token for any API provided ever expire? How/when do we get one for the production environment?
Ans: Authorization token never gets expired, this token is for a lifetime. For the production environment, you will get a separate authorization token, once your testing phase gets completed. The process will remain the same for getting the live Token key. You need to reach out to your business SPOC once testing is done successfully

Q.2- Are the tokens the same across all APIs (Package order creation, order tracking API, packing Slip API)?
Ans: Yes, the token remains constant for all API's, till there is a switch in environments (Testing/Production) as the token will be different for testing and production environment

Q.3- Can we assume if you did not receive the package although data was received, you will not bill us?
Ans: Sure, there is no billing until we pick-up and process the Shipments. The will be no billing in case only soft data pushed in our system.

Q.4- Do we need to perform a check for serviceability API before we call Package Order creation API?
Ans: Yes, this is a mandatory and recommended task for each and every shipment for Delhivery. So if the pin-code is not serviceable then there is no point in creating order in our system as that will be marked as NSZ-Non serviceable and will be returned back.

Q.5- Could you please provide maximum length on all fields in the API below?
Ans- Pin Code: 6 (Integer). For the rest of the keys, length can be up to 256.

Q.6- We have very few orders say 500-1000 per day so instead of integrating through API's can we ship any other way and use all API service's through any frontend?**
Ans: Yes, we have a Client panel(CL Panel) where the clients can log-in and create packages in single/bulk fashion in one go. They can track the shipments, generate packing slip, see COD remittance details so all API tasks can be done directly through front-end.

Q.7- What is the use of pickup location? If I have multiple sellers across, how can I get pickup locations created against all the sellers?
Ans- Pickup location, in other words, is a warehouse name. This holds the details of the warehouse (pickup location) from where the order has to be picked up. In order to do that, you have to register the seller details and our team will store those details against your client id and will share a pickup location against that. Once registered you can use that pick-up location while creating an order.

In order to create new warehouse use below format for sending the request to [email protected]>

To create Warehouse via API ,Please Refer: